What Others Say About Mr. T

Mr. T's Online Math, SAT, and Spanish TutoringSee what some of my current and former students, as well as educators have to say about Mr. T and our online math, SAT, and Spanish tutoring services.

"Chris has helped so many of our struggling students with either classes that have already failed or classes that they are currently enrolled in and need to improve their performance. He is an exceptionally valuable tool for our counseling department and our students who have used him." 

       - Malu, Counselor, The American School,
          Mexico City, Mexico

"Mr. T has been our best math teacher since we are students. So, I continued to use him as a tutor when I struggle with my teacher. He always has a unique way to explain something in a funny way that helps me understand it. He will always find the way for you to understand"  

       - Manuela, Student, Colegio Granadino, Manizales, Colombia

"I have never liked or been good at math. But when Mr T started helping me, I started to hate math less and started doing much better. I still don't love it as my favorite, but working with him last year made math so much more fun and understandable. I don't miss HS math anymore but I miss him!"

       - Matteo, College Student, Tampa, USA

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