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As a former math teacher/tennis coach at international bilingual schools in Colombia, Mexico, Argentina and the Dominican Republic, I remember how difficult it was to converse and ingratiate myself with my fellow co-workers and the locals. Now having visited and/or lived in all but 5 Spanish speaking countries, there were hundreds of moments in the early going where I wished I had a few more tools and knowledge at my disposal to forge an even more enriching experience overseas. So, I did all I could in taking classes, reading the newspaper at coffee shops and never turning down an opportunity to improve in a chat with a local. Looking back, I have countless moments of connection with everyone from my bilingual students to taco venders to little children on the street. This was only made possible when I was able to learn the language, little by little.

Online Spanish Tutoring by Mr. TAs a current math tutor online, I now in addition offer one, once daily beginning Spanish class to help people who come from the same position I once did with an effective methodology spanning all the basics, grammar, all verb tense conjugations, how to construct sentence no matter the topic and the tools you need to build your vocabulary! 

Class Includes:

  • Free, yes free, non-obligation introductory class (1.5 hours)
  • 24 classes, Mon-Thursday for one hour each for 6 weeks
  • VERY COMPREHENSIVE CLASS(no additional classes would be necessary from here out). GUARANTEED!
  • Limited to 4 students (minimum 2) $130.00 per student


  1. The Toolbelt
  2. To be or not to be(Ser/Estar)
  3. Directly or Indirectly Objecting
  4. ORDER in the CORTO(sentence)!!
  5. The presence of two tenses
  6. Lets talk about the past
  7. Lets talk some more about the past
  8. Review homework? Not homework!!
  9. Whew, the future is bright…. and simple!
  10. The Future is even more simple when you review!!
  11. Don’t be so possessive of my nouns
  12. I have a preposition for you
  13. Reflexives aren’t very flexible
  14. I have to keep improving
  15. Vamos a tomar un descanso!! A Revisar!!
  16. Conjunction, junction, whats your subjunction
  17. Thought reversal, I like it
  18. I, the professor, order you to command me
  19. Woulda, coulda, shoulda
  20. This that and the other
  21. Can we check something?
  22. Let’s connect the pieces
  23. The second to last word. La penultima.

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