SAT Prep Class (Mathematics Section)

Our SAT Prep classes are structured many different ways to suit your personal learning and economic needs. Through the use of screen sharing, video conferencing, powerpoint, and special equipment, there are several ways to learn and improve your skills.

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SAT Prep Class Overview:

Duration : 8 one hour classes over 4 weeks(M-W or T-Th). Classes begin 4 weeks prior to each test. Pick the class hour/day that best suits your schedule, after school or evening.

Class size : Minimum of 2, maximum of 4

Location : Online(in the world of Skype).

Needs: A solid and stable internet connection, computer with Skype Version 5.0 or better, pencil, calculator, notebook (printer not required but would help). Tests and questions will be provided by professor.

Cost:  $190.00 per person

How to register: Email the address below with “SAT PREP” in the subject of the email and Mr T will respond to your questions regarding schedules, etc etc..

How you will improve:

  • Refresh your older math topics(Geometry, Algebra I/II, Word Problems)
  • Learn what the SAT “traps” are and how to spot them
  • Review SAT specific questions that you are SURE to see on the test
  • Learn test strategies and how to maximize your time and get the most out of the 20 or 25 minutes per section.


Day 1

  • Properties of Algebra
  • Radicals, Absolute Value, Order of Operations, Prime Numbers, Multiples, Percentages(discounts/profit), Ratios, Job split between multiple people(fraction adding)

Day 2

  • Playing With Variables(ages, distance, height), Substitution
  • Symbols
  • Functions and their graphs

Day 3

  • Geometry
  • Properties of Lines(Slope), Polygons, Triangles, Area of Circle, Volume of Cube

Day 4

  • Probability (independent events, dependent events)
  • Analyzing and Extrapolating Tables/Charts

Day 5

  • Logical Math
  • Mixture Problems

Day 6

  • Review

Day 7

  • Practice Testing

Day 8

  • Practice Testing

So, email questions about registration to Mr T at and lets see your score go up !!

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